A quintessential welcome for your next business event or academic symposium
Samyan Mitrtown Hall, a multi-purpose venue for all events and a friendly place for Urban Lifestyle users, is situated on 5th Floor in Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Complex. With its outstanding location in the intellectual hub of Bangkok on Rama lV Road, the hall is considered an appropriate venue to organize any noteworthy events.

Superbly designed and splendidly decorated, Samyan Mitrtown Hall presents a harmonious blend of contemporary and ancient architecture that mirrors Samyan’s old trade-district commercial areas. Inside, modern facilities are admirably featured, together with large areas and great capacities to host different types of events that meet organizers’ requirements.

With more than 3,700 square metres of utility space, the venue comprises a large main hall, which can be divided into two halls, the Mitr-ting Room with marvellous design that has ceilings and huge glasses to allow natural light in. There are also five more small conference rooms fully equipped with modern devices and digital technologies.

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